Make it easy for your employees to stay up to date with annual vaccinations.

Our flexible flu vaccine programs meet the needs of your remote and onsite workforce.

We offer onsite flu clinics for employers nationwide.

Or take advantage of our partnership with over 9,000 CVS pharmacies nationwide through our retail flu voucher program.

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9,000 Participating Pharmacies

Nationwide Onsite Coverage

Online Scheduling

Locations Available United States (all 50 states)
Cost $40 - $45/shot
Billing (insurance, invoice client, super bill) US Wellness will invoice the client directly.
Accept Employee Payment No
Pay for Total Ordered or Vaccines Dispensed US Wellness will invoice for vaccine dispensed with a 30 person 3 hour minimum per event.
Lead Time Four or more weeks lead time is recommended for onsite flu vaccination clinics. Flu voucher programs are set up within one week of contract execution.
Scheduling Capabilities US Wellness provides a company branded scheduling website for employees to register for onsite and retail voucher flu vaccinations complete with a calendar link and reminder messages.
COVID-19 Precautions TBD based on CDC guidance in Fall 2022
Liability Coverage (amount) One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence and Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) in the aggregate
Cancellation Policy If cancellation occurs within 14 days of scheduled event, billing will include $250/event, $300/scheduled staff member plus shipping with a $50 restocking fee.
Travel/Staffing/Shipping fees All travel and staffing fees are included in the per person fee. Shipping is billed at cost.
Minimums and Additional Costs US Wellness requires a 30-person 3-hour minimum per onsite clinic. There are no minimum with the retail voucher option.
Additional Notes US Wellness has partnered with CVS pharmacy to provide a retail flu voucher option. The cost is $45/redeemed voucher and is available in over 9,000 CVS pharmacies nationwide.