Onsite Temperature Testing

COVID-19 Onsite Temperature Screenings

US Wellness is now offering onsite temperature screening programs.  Our experience providing wellness clinics and flu vaccinations across the country for the past 23 years allow us to tap into our national network of health care professionals to conduct temperature screenings safely and in compliance with regulatory standards including OSHA.

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Temperature screening is performed on all employees as they enter the workplace by a US Wellness health care professional.  Employees screened with fever level temperature (>100.3) are flagged and a pre-determined protocol is followed.  An additional symptom questionnaire may also be administered as desired.

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US Wellness will provide all necessary materials including:

  • US Wellness health care professional to conduct temperature screenings
  • Infrared no-touch thermometer
  • PPE (mask, eye shield, gloves) for our screeners
  • Sanitation wipes
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As a CLIA waived licensed clinical laboratory, US Wellness staff are trained and equipped to adhere to strict regulatory compliance standards to ensure the safety of employees and USW staff.  Our screeners are required to:

  • Change gloves and surgical masks after any “touch”or if they are removed at any time
  • Wipe down thermometer with sanitation wipes if contact occurs
  • Follow client specific protocol if any participant is found to have an elevated temperature


Implementing a temperature screening is fast and easy. Please provide the following details to US Wellness to receive a cost estimate

  • Total number of employees by worksite
  • Shift times per day
  • Number of employees entering per shift
  • Number of points of entry (or if employees can be filtered into one point of entry per shift)
  • Company policy/protocol developed for employees that present with fever including point of contact to receive notification of employee with fever
  • Letter denoting essential business from employer in areas where Stay At Home orders apply

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